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Mark Wabiszewski catchs a nice rainbow trout

5 Best Trout Lures and Fishing Tips on How to Catch Trout

Trout fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities imaginable. Fishing, hiking, and camping can all be done on the same weekend. These are all the great outdoor activities! There are many facets to trout fishing and you can make it as complicated or as simple as you would like. There are not many things

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Gaint largemouth bass caught by Mark Wabiszewski

5 Best Largemouth Bass Lures and Fishing Tips I Used to Win Tournaments

I have learned a lot about how to catch largemouth bass while preparing for and competing in bass fishing tournaments. Below I have listed what I’ve found to be the best bass fishing lures for typical conditions. I have done lots of freshwater fishing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so I am very familiar with

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The Best Daiwa Fishing Reels

Daiwa makes medium to high-end fishing reels that are often a more cost-effective alternative to other brands. Daiwa has been making fishing reels sine 1955 and has is headquarters located near Los Angeles California. Daiwa has two styles of reels that I see being widely used by anglers. The first is the Daiwa Tanacom electric

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goleden trout with a fly fishing reel

5 Best Trout Flies and Fishing Tips

Fly fishing is much more technical than using a standard spinning reel and conventional tackle. In my experience, you can typically catch more fish using conventional tackle but once people get hooked on fly fishing they are hooked. The challenge and excitement of fly fishing make the reward of catching a fish that much better.

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Fluke caught at sandy hook in new jersey cody wabiszewski

Best Fluke or Flounder Fishing Lures, Baits, Rigs, and Tips

Fluke also called summer flounder are a very fun fish to catch all summer long in the bays of New Jersey and along the east coast. In the winter fluke spend their time in 200 to 500 feet of water on the continental shelf. There are also winter flounder that are in shallow waters in

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cody wabiszewski with arctic grayling

Arctic Grayling Fishing Lures

Arctic Grayling are really cool fish and are known as the sailfish of the salmon species. Grayling are found in rivers, streams, and lakes in Alaska, Canada and Montana, and Michigan. Grayling are fun to catch using a fly or spinning tackle. They’re a slow growing fish and only grow about one inch per year

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big chain pickerel new jersey cody wabiszewski

5 Best Pickerel Fishing Lures

My friend Ryan O and I have fished many pickerel tournaments in New Jersey and got first place in every one of them. When I first moved to New Jersey, I was not familiar with this toothy creature that kept cutting off all my expensive spinners! I quickly started to use wire leaders and target

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Sailfish caught in Flordia (Atlantic Ocean)

Best Sailfish Lures and How to Catch Sailfish

Sailfish are one of the most sought after sport fish in the world. Capable of reaching speeds of over 65 miles per hour the sailfish is the fastest fish in the world. Popular fishing methods include trolling artificial baits, slow trolling live baits, pitching live baits while site fishing and flying kites while on a

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fresh wahoo just caught

10 Best Wahoo Lures and Tips on How to Catch Wahoo

Wahoo are one of the most exciting fish to catch. During the first run after a bite wahoo peel line off the reel as if it were a giant shark. Wahoo are found in warm water from New Jersey to the Caribbean in water as shallow as 50 feet deep. Wahoo as generally scattered about

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huge bull Mahi mahi caught in the florida keys

Best Mahi Mahi Lures and Fishing Tips

Mahi-mahi are also called the dolphinfish or dorado in Portuguese. These are tropical fish that seasonally migrates thousands of miles each year. This is the fastest growing fish in the world growing up to 1 inch per week and gaining up to 3 pounds per month. Mahi-mahi live in surface waters and eat fish, crabs,

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