Frequently Asked Questions

What if I caught a fish type that is not available as a selection when posting a report?

There are hundreds of different types of fish so only the most common fish are available as a selection. Please choose a similar type of fish and then in the title list exactly what type of fish was caught. This will make it so advanced search filters will still allow users to filter and view only post with this specific type of fish.

Can I post a report without creating an account?

Only registered user can post reports. There are many other benefits to creating an account. These include being about to add friends, private message other users and see recent user activity on your activity wall.

Can I view reports without creating an account?

Yes most reports can be viewed without creating an account. In order to post reports and create comments you will need to have an account. Activity posted on activity walls can typically only be viewed when signed into the site.

Does this site work with smart phones?

Yes this site works on mobile devices and tables. An app is coming soon that will increase functionality when visiting the site through the app.

Can I post videos in a fishing report?

You can not directly upload videos the withing a fishing report. You can include links to videos that are located on sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Twitch.