17 Best Hybrid Striped Bass Lures Baits and Fishing Tips

ryan ordemann with a huge striped bass he caught in a lake

Hybrid striped bass is an awesome fish to catch and can be elusive at certain times of the year and bite in frenzies other times of the year. Typical size of hybrid bass are 2 to 5 pounds but catching 10 plus pound hybrid bass is not uncommon. This is a species that will rarely … Read more

17 Best Pickerel Fishing Lures and Baits

cody with a pickerel fish

My friend Ryan O and I have fished several pickerel tournaments in New Jersey and got first place in every one of them. When I first moved to New Jersey, I was not familiar with this toothy creature that kept cutting off all my expensive spinners! I quickly started to use wire leaders and target … Read more

30 Best Striped Bass Lures and Baits in 2020

limit of striped bass caught on the best striped bass lures

I lived in New Jersey for four years and my favorite thing to do was fish for striped bass! There is a spring striper season and fall striper season. Lucky for people that love to fish for striped bass you can catch them day or night. When these fish are running it is honestly hard … Read more

17 Best Surf Fishing Reels in 2020


Surf fishing is a fun and productive way to catch many types of fish. Anglers commonly surf fish from the beach but similar tactics and gear can be used when fishing from any shoreline. Surf fishing reels often have a tall spool to allow for further casting. Baitrunner reels have an independent low drag system … Read more

17 Best Electric Fishing Reels in 2020


Electric fishing reels are commonly used when fishing deeper than 300 feet deep. The most common recreational fishing done with electric reels is for swordfish, tuna, tilefish, barrelfish, queen snapper, halibut, rockfish, and black cod. When daytime swordfishing, it is common to fish at a depth between 1500 and 2000 feet. After hand cranking heavyweights … Read more

20 Best Salmon Fishing Reels in 2020


There are three types of salmon reels, which are conventional trolling reels, spinning reels, and fly fishing reels. Salmon fishing from a boat is typically done by trolling with a flasher and hoochie or mooching with herring. In rivers and streams, salmon can be caught with spinning reels or fly fishing reels. When trolling for … Read more

17 Best Zebco Spincast Fishing Reels in 2020


Spincast fishing reels are also commonly called push-button reels. This is because when angler makes a cast the button on the back of the reel is pushed down. These are the easiest fishing reels to use and are commonly used by kids to learn how to fish. Zebco is the leading brand for spincast reels … Read more

20 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels for Fishing 2020


Ultralight spinning reels are defined in this article as reels that weigh less than 8 ounces. The Shimano IX is listed and does weigh 8.4 ounces. However, it is a small reel that is commonly used to catch trout, crappie, perch, sunfish, and bluegill. The Penn Battle II 1000 weighs 8.1 ounces which is slightly … Read more

27 Best Baitcasting Reels in 2020 Review


Baitcasting reels are most commonly used for bass fishing. However, these are good reels to use when casting heavy lures and jigs for many types of fish. Some anglers prefer baitcasting reels and some prefer spinning reels. The truth is both have advantages and disadvantages based on the method of fishing. Baitcasting reels have two … Read more

27 Best Offshore Conventional Trolling Fishing Reels 2020


Conventional trolling reels hold lots of fishing line, have strong drags, and are able to catch large fish. When I think of conventional reels, the first reel that comes to mind is a Penn International 80 which is a big game offshore fishing reel. This 80 class reel can catch the biggest fish in the … Read more