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Trolling Motor for Boat

10 Best Trolling Motors for Boats, Kayaks, and Canoes in 2019 (With Buying Guide)

Trolling motors are excellent options for those of you seeking advanced control and maneuverability over your boat, kayak, or canoe. Choosing the right trolling motor can be a bit difficult, there isn’t any “one size fits all” trolling motors that will work for everyone in every situation while remaining economically friendly. Furthermore, trolling motors come

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The 15 Best Fish Finders (2019) Reviews and Buying Guide

Sonar-equipped imaging systems, otherwise known as fish finders, are a key piece of equipment that any serious angler should be investing in to fill those coolers! In this guide, I’ll get you up to speed on the latest technology, how it works, why it’s important, and finally, where to find ridiculous deals on the best

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The 10 Best Fishing Sunglasses in 2019 – Polarized Units

If you’re going fishing in the daylight, you need something protecting your eyes from the suns dangerous deadly laser-like radiation. Protect your eyes, be comfortable, look like a stud muffin, and you’re done, right? Ha! No, not even close. If you want to maximize your fish slaying capabilities, you need to dial in your eyewear

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big bluefish caught fishing in new nersey sandy hook

7 Best Bluefish Lures and Fishing Tips

Bluefish are an extremely hard fishing fish and their ferocious nature makes them the piranha of the ocean. These are fun fish to catch! Bluefish typically swim in schools so when you start catching bluefish there is often lots of excitement. Bluefish have sharp teeth so it is a good idea to use a wire

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Baitcasting Reel On a Fishing Rod

The 10 Best Baitcasting Reels in 2019 Review

The baitcasting reel, a favorite among pros, a villain among beginners! In this guide, I’ll be speaking nothing but the truth about these finicky but lovely little pieces of angling gear that truly do make all the difference. We’ll go over how they work, how to use them properly, the differences between them and spinning

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5 Best Salmon Lures for Great Lakes & Fishing Techniques

This page focuses on how to catch salmon and steelhead in lakes while trolling from a boat. Great Lake trolling techniques do translate well to the ocean but for Pacific salmon also read the best lures for saltwater salmon fishing. It took a while, but my dad and I mastered fishing for king salmon, coho salmon, and steelhead

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The 5 Best Bear Sprays and Bear Safety Items in 2019

When hiking or camping in areas where bears are common it is important to know what to do to limit potential conflict with bears. Bears typically only act aggressively to protect bear cubs, protect a food source or when startled and feel threatened. The two most common bears to encounter in the wood are black

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Captain Cody Catching a Tripletail

Best Tripletail Fishing Lures – How to Catch Tripletail

Once a tripletail are located they are an easy and fun fish to catch. Typically you can see the fish in the water and pitch the bait to them and watch the fish strike. A big tripletail will put up a good fight on spinning tackle. The difficult part of catching tripletail is finding them

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