27 Best Waterproof Marine Binoculars for Fishing, Boating, and Hiking

Best Waterproof Image Stabilized Binoculars

Waterproof binoculars are commonly used for fishing, hunting, hiking, and sightseeing. A marine environment is probably the most extreme conditions for binoculars. When hunting and hiking it can be difficult to keep binoculars dry so having waterproof and fog proof binoculars is also important. In this article, the best waterproof binoculars will be discussed in … Read more

30 Best Fishing Backpacks in 2021

best fishing backpacks

Fishing backpacks allow anglers to bring all the gear with them on a fishing trip. Most often backpacks are used when walking or hiking to their destination but are also great to bring on boats. The best fishing backpack will depend on how much tackle and other items like food you are want to bring … Read more

24 Best Rod and Reel Combos in 2021

Best rods and reel combos

Having a quality rod and reel combo might just be the most important piece of equipment for an angler. It is the one gear item that can literally make or break your opportunity to catch and land the fish you are after. Rods and reel combs come in sizes from ultralight spinning rods to conventional … Read more

30 Best Fishing Rods

best fishing rods

Having the proper fishing rod allows for fish both big and small to be caught in a fun and safe way. The three most common rod types are spinning rods, baitcasting rods, and conventional trolling rods. The type of rod has to match the type of reel. The rod’s size and strength should match the … Read more

30 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes

Best Tackle Boxes

Being a successful angler greatly depends on having quality gear and tackle, as well as knowing how to use those items. A tackle box is an important item in an angler’s gear list and can prove to be the difference-maker for competitive anglers or amateur fishermen who are just looking to enjoy their favorite pastime. … Read more

30 Best Fishing Pliers

Best Fishing Pliers

Sportfishing has seen a huge boom in popularity recently, with new innovations and technology in the industry keeping pace. We tend to clamor over the things that get us to the fish like the new boats, fish finders, lures, rods, and reels. However, the important tools post-catch, like pliers, hardly get a second thought. Having … Read more

30 Best Life Jackets

Best Life Jackets

Choosing the best life jacket is more important than many boaters and fishermen realize. If a life jacket is uncomfortable it will not be worn often and potentially not worn at all, even when it is needed. Some people only have life jackets on the boat to meet US Coast Guard requirements. Experienced boaters know … Read more

17 Best Inflatable Life jackets

best inflatable life jackets

Inflatable life jackets are smaller and lighter than standard life jackets. This makes them more comfortable to wear. When fishing or relaxing on a boat a life jacket can be hot and annoying to wear. This makes it less likely that boaters will wear the life vest. Inflatable life jackets help solve this problem by … Read more

23 Best Life Jackets for Kids, Infants, Toddlers, and Child

best life jackets for kids infants and toddlers

A life jacket or life vest is a personal floatation device or PFD that is required to have for everyone who is riding on a boat. Children are required to wear the life jacket while adults typically just have to have it on board the vessel. Having and life jacket is a simple way to … Read more

37 Best Fishing Gifts for Fishermen

best fishing gifts for fisherman

If someone loves to fish chances are they will appreciate getting a gift involving fishing. This article helps shoppers brainstorm thoughtful and practical fishing gifts. Growing up when my brothers and I exchanged gifts it was very frequently something to do with fishing. Fishing gifts range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars … Read more