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Me Teaching How to Catch Tarpon

Best Tarpon Fishing Lures and How to Catch Tarpon in Florida

Some charter captains spend there whole career only fishing for tarpon. People do this because fishing for tarpon is both challenging and exciting. Tarpon are found in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Most tarpon travel south of the United States during the winter months. Some tarpon remain in the US year

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Fishing Decals

Fishing decal stickers are a great way to decorate a car, truck, boat, cooler and vehicle bumpers. The decals can be for fashion or for humor. It is a great way to show others that you love the ocean and fishing. Vinyl hull wraps are another great way to decorate a boat but that is

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Best Spearguns and Spearfishing Gear

Spearfishing is the ultimate outdoor activity. It combines great aspects of both hunting and fishing. While sometimes it seems easy to dive down where the fish are and get the fish it is really much more involved than that. When spearfishing you leave the boat and enter what can be harsh ocean conditions. Once a

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Captain Cody with a net for Spiny Lobster

How To Catch Spiny Lobster in Florida

Catching spiny lobster in Florida is a very fun and popular activity. Most of the time when I see tourist visiting the Florida Keys they do not explore much on their own. After spending hours watching every fish swim by a great fishing spot, I see people get out of their car, walk a short

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scuba diver with cressi xs compact regulator

Best Scuba Diving Regulators 2019

When it comes to scuba diving the regulator is the essential piece of equipment that really needs to work to dive safely. This is one piece of gear that you want to own and not rent from a scuba shop especially when diving internationally. Who knows how old rented regulators are or when the last

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snorkelers wearing yellow snorkel vests

Best Masks Snorkels Fins and Gear and How to Snorkel

Working on snorkel and dive boats I have learned many important tips that will make your snorkeling trip safer and more enjoyable. If it is your first time snorkeling practice before going on a dive boat to a reef offshore. Practicing can be done in a pool back home, a pool at the hotel or

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The 9 Best Personal Locator Beacons (PLB and EPIRB Devices) in 2019

Radiobeacons are important devices to own when fishing and boating offshore. These devices have been used to assist in rescuing over 30,000 people! The GPS based 406 MHz device allow for location of the device to be tracked within 100 meters in most cases and are able to quickly get emergency contact information from registered

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Big Dusky shark offshore flordia keys

Best Shark Fishing Rigs for Boat and Surf Fishing

When someone goes fishing in the ocean for the first time there is always one fish they want to catch the most, sharks!Having a large shark start ripping line off a reel is a rush and defiantly and it is typically a great experience. Sharks are commonly caught offshore and from the beach. After catching

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Global Fishing Reports provides articles that suggest the top lures and gear to help anglers catch more fish. The fishing reports features of this site are in development. A fishing report feature will be added to the site for the summer of 2020. This will allow users to post fishing reports from around the world.

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