12 Best VHF Marine Radios in 2020


It is required that recreational boats over 65 feet have a VHF marine radio. It is very important that all boats, even a canoe or kayak have a VHF radio when in open waters. The ability to call for help could save your life in the event of an emergency offshore. It is also a … Read more

17 Best Fish Finders in 2020


When we say fish finger today we usually mean sonar, map navigation with depth contours, radar, side scan, 3D-images, and autopilot. Almost all users want a quality navigation display and a detailed sonar display with their fish finder. The clarity of a sonar depends both on the power of the transducer and the frequency in … Read more

10 Best Trolling Motor Batteries 2020


A good trolling motor battery is durable and can store a large amount of charge. How much a battery can store is measured in amp-hours.  I have highlighted there values in bold throughout the article. Battery weight is important when using small boats where it must be loaded and unloaded for each use.  More information … Read more

10 Best Trolling Motors for Boats, Kayaks, and Canoes in 2020


Trolling motors are a great way to power a small johnboat, canoe or kayak. Larger pedal-operated trolling motors are used extensively on bass boats and ocean shallow running boat to fish near the shore. A trolling motor allows the boat to quietly sneak into the best fishing spots. Without a trolling motor, fishermen have to … Read more