30 Best Life Jackets

Best Life Jackets

Choosing the best life jacket is more important than many boaters and fishermen realize. If a life jacket is uncomfortable it will not be worn often and potentially not worn at all, even when it is needed. Some people only have life jackets on the boat to meet US Coast Guard requirements. Experienced boaters know … Read more

17 Best Inflatable Life jackets

best inflatable life jackets

Inflatable life jackets are smaller and lighter than standard life jackets. This makes them more comfortable to wear. When fishing or relaxing on a boat a life jacket can be hot and annoying to wear. This makes it less likely that boaters will wear the life vest. Inflatable life jackets help solve this problem by … Read more

23 Best Life Jackets for Kids, Infants, Toddlers, and Child

best life jackets for kids infants and toddlers

A life jacket or life vest is a personal floatation device or PFD that is required to have for everyone who is riding on a boat. Children are required to wear the life jacket while adults typically just have to have it on board the vessel. Having and life jacket is a simple way to … Read more