30 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes

Being a successful angler greatly depends on having quality gear and tackle, as well as knowing how to use those items. A tackle box is an important item in an angler’s gear list and can prove to be the difference-maker for competitive anglers or amateur fishermen who are just looking to enjoy their favorite pastime.

There are a wide variety of tackle boxes available on the market in 2021 and selecting the one that’s right for your needs will go a long way in improving your chances of catching fish. Like most other fishing gear, you’ll most likely get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing a tackle box.

Best Tackle Boxes

A good tackle box will help an angler organize their lures and other items in a secure way that allows them to easily access those items on the water. The best tackle boxes make use of every available bit of space while also protecting the expensive lures that you’ve invested in.

Tackle boxes have come a long way in the form of more efficient designs and the highest-quality products help anglers sort everything they need into a compact, easy-to-carry box or bag. This takes the headache and frustration out of finding the right bait at the right time.

Here Are the Best Tackle Boxes

1. Plano Rack Large Tackle Box

Plano Rack Large Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $58
Size 16 X 12 X 17.25 inches
Color Tan-Gray
Style Multi-tray plastic

The Plano Rack Large tackle box is an excellent choice for seasoned anglers, or for beginning fishermen or women who intend to grow in learn in the art of angling. This tackle box is slightly larger than the others we’ve listed so far and is probably more suitable for being carried onto a boat instead of being carried around the banks of a lake or river. The Plano Rack Large tackle box has plenty of great reasons why many users prefer it over some other models of similar price.

Made from extremely durable hard shell plastic, the Plano Rack Large tackle box features a small top tray with a clear plastic cover that is great for storing your favorite lures for quick, easy access. The top hatch opens to reveal a spacious tray that’s ideal for storing bait jars, fishing line, pliers, and other large-size gear items that won’t typically fit into a tackle tray. The interior is protected by another clear plastic covering that can be opened to access any of four Plano 3700 utility tackle boxes. Best of all, this tackle box comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

2. Plano Four Rack Tackle Box

Plano Four Rack Large Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $56
Size 17.7 x 10 x 13.3 inches
Color Silver-Blue
Style Four trays, top storage area

Plano has long been known as one of the best brands in the world when it comes to quality-made tackle boxes. This one is no exception as it offers plenty of storage for the average angler and optimal customization options. The Plano Four Rack tackle box is made of durable, hard-shell plastic that helps protect anything a user wants to store in the box while keeping it protected and free of moisture.

It features a large storage area on top that’s perfect for stashing fishing line, bait jars, and other large items that don’t easily fit inside tackle trays. The customization options with this tackle box are endless as users are free to organize their tackle as they see fit inside the four 3600 Series Stowaway Utility boxes. Many anglers choose to place a particular kind of lure inside each box or opt for creating a specific box for each type of game fish they might choose to target. The Plano Four Rack tackle box helps anglers stay organized while also keeping valuable lures inside a compact, easy-to-travel tackle box that can go anywhere.

3. Plano Two Level Large Tackle Box

Plano Two Level Large Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $49
Size 17.625 x 12.25 x 7.325 inches
Color Blue-White
Style Two-level

The Plano Two Level Large tackle box is modeled after the company’s classic design that’s been popular with anglers for decades. This tackle box serves as a do-it-all tool that keeps everything a fisherman needs in one place that’s easy to get to and stays organized. The box is made from hardened plastic that offers high durability and keeps wetness locked out to ensure that your lures and bait stay dry.

The transparent top lid allows anglers to see their baits and spend less time searching for the right item when they need it. The top tray features adjustable compartments that can be fitted to each user’s preference. The bottom layer is larger and able to hold more sizable baits and tackle items. There are two spinnerbait racks along the bottom, as well as a section that’s capable of holding multiple smaller 3500 Prolatch utility boxes where anglers can further organize smaller items. This tackle box is among the most highly-rated on the market for many reasons.

4. SKB Heavy Duty Tackle Box

SKB Heavy Duty Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $365-$465
Size 20 x 10 x 15 inches
Color Gray
Style Full-size, Premium

SKB is well-known in the outdoor industry for making some of the best products available to protect and store everything from valuables, archery equipment, and especially fishing gear. The SKB Tackle Box 7200 is a product that’s intended for serious anglers and those willing to invest a greater price in their gear in order to have the absolute best quality products money can buy. This tackle box is much larger and heavier than most other models on our list, but it is ideal for anglers who fish from a boat and require that their tackle and fishing gear be kept in the best tackle box.

Crafted from reinforced, thickened plastic, the SKB Tackle Box 7200 will not easily break or bend. All of the components are made from the highest-quality parts and SKB offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on this product. This tackle box features a hanging jig area that’s perfect for storing jigs in a method that won’t allow them to become tangled. The lid is able to open at 90 or 180 degrees to access extra space with a transparent cover. The top portion features padding to help dampen any noise and prevent scaring any nearby fish while another section offers hook holes to prevent treble hooks from becoming tangled. A hardened front cover opens to reveal four tackle trays with customizable compartments. There are two side pockets for storing items like pliers or anything else an angler might want to have quick and easy access to.

5. Plano Guide Series Tackle Box

Plano Guide Series Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $70
Size 21.25 x 12 x 12 inches
Color Silver-Black
Style Premium box

The Plano Guide Series tackle box was introduced as an affordable tool that serves the most skilled anglers, namely fishing guides. This tackle box has a combination of many different features that users have voiced support for over the years. Plano designed this tackle box to serve as a one-stop-shop for serious anglers who need to have everything in one location without leaving anything behind for a fishing trip.

This tackle box is slightly heavier than most other boxes on our list, but the features that come along with it make the extra price and weight a small hindrance for most users. The top offers a transparent tray that can be accessed by popping a small molded latch. To the right of that is a larger compartment that’s ideal for stashing pliers and anything else that a skilled fisherman needs quick access to. The main compartment opens to reveal four 3700 Series tackle trays while a smaller compartment next to this to give access to multiple compact tackle boxes that are perfect for small lures and tackle items.

6. Plano Edge Tackle Organizer

Plano Edge Tackle Organizer

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Estimated Price $16-$32
Size 11 x 7.25 x 1.63 inches
Color Yellow-Gray.
Style Utility tackle box

The Plano Edge Tackle Organizer is a specially-adapted utility tackle box that can go anywhere thanks to its sleek, compact design. It is made to the same standards that Plano has become well-known for and offers plenty of reasons why anglers might want to get their hands on one. This tackle box features pre-cut, vented dividers that help ensure moisture doesn’t lead to corrosion on your valuable tackle items and lures. It’s made with mater absorbent material to help make sure your tackle stays dry at all times. The Plano Edge Tackle Organizer is made with a clear, watertight lid that helps prevent water from seeping into your tackle box and damaging your gear.

7. Plano Clear Stowable Tackle Boxes

Plano Clear Stowable Tackle Boxes

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Estimated Price $18
Size 9.13 x 5 x 1.25 inches
Color Clear
Style Tray

Sometimes, there’s no need to overcomplicate fishing tackle or gear items in order to be effective. The Plano Clear Stowable tackle boxes are as versatile as it gets and can function in a number of different ways. These can be combined together in one of Plano’s larger tackle boxes. Many anglers prefer to store lures and items in each specific tackle tray that is specific to the type of fish they intend to target.

These tackle boxes are small and compact but are made of highly-durable hard shell plastic that won’t easily crack. Each tackle tray has interchangeable dividers that can be organized to fit each angler’s tackle needs. Plano’s Clear Stowable tackle boxes can be easily stored and packed in with a large amount of other gear, making them ideal for anglers who need a smaller tackle box to fit into their gear pack on long journeys.

8. Clear Plastic Tackle Box with Dividers

Clear Plastic Tackle Box with Dividers

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Estimated Price $15
Size 10.75 x 6.75 x 1.75 inches
Color Clear Plastic
Style Stoways Tray

This clear plastic tackle box organizer is very popular among all types of fishermen. It has 36 different compartments that are great for storing small items like split shots, egg weights, beads, hooks, and swivels. The dividers can also be removed to hold large plugs and stick baits. A great thing about this style box is it can be placed in a bag for traveling or kept in a compartment in the boat.

Staying organized on the water allows anglers to be more productive. Not having the right hooks or swivels really can affect fishing performance. Also, improperly stored fishing gear tends to get lost or damaged and we all know how expensive fishing tackle can be. Another nice thing about the clear top is you can see what is inside without having to open it up. If you have lots of tackle boxes knowing easily viewing what is inside becomes very important.

9. Plano Two Sided Tackle Box

Plano Two Sided Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $12
Size 11.25 x 3 inches
Color Silver-Blue
Style Double-sided

Plano’s Two-Sided tackle box is one of the company’s smallest models but is among the most popular compact tackle box models on the market for good reason. Unlike other, cheaply-made products of similar size, this tackle box is constructed with hard plastic that is capable of withstanding a higher amount of pressure. It also helps keep lures and tackle items dry in wet conditions. The Plano Two-Sided tackle box is perfect for young anglers or those who want a small, easy-to-carry tackle box to take with other camping and hiking gear.

This box’s unique design features two sides with transparent blue plastic covering that allows anglers to easily see what’s inside each compartment before opening the box. Each side features interchangeable plastic dividers that allow users to situate each compartment to properly match their lures. This tackle box is perfect for those who want a compact model, or for targeting smaller fish like trout or panfish.

10. Wakeman Single Tray Tackle Box

Wakeman Single Tray Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $27
Size 13.11 x 7.6 x 6.26 inches
Color Pink-Black
Style Toolbox

The Wakeman Single Tray tackle box is among the most popular choices for ladies thanks to its stylish pink and black color, as well as the overall functionality of the product. Wakeman is among the most popular tackle box brands and is widely known for high-quality products that stand up to nearly anything nature throws at it. This tackle box is made with a classic toolbox appearance that lets anglers get right down to business and focus on catching fish.

The box is constructed from a hardened plastic material that’s highly durable. The top plastic cover is transparent and allows users to see their tackle items before opening the box. It has a top portion that is great for storing smaller tackle items while the interior consists of a removable upper tray, much like the standard design of most toolboxes. The upper tray does not feature dividers but can be removed to allow anglers to have full access to the larger bottom portion of the tackle box that’s perfect for storing bait jars and large tools, fishing line, and other items. The oversized molded plastic handle makes it very easy to carry this tackle box and most users will appreciate the affordable price tag.

11. Multi-purpose Tackle Box

Multi-purpose Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $30-$33
Size 16.9 x 8.3 x 6.8 inches
Color Orange-Black
Style 3-layer box

This multi-purpose tackle box can function both as a toolbox, or a tackle box depending on the user’s preference. Constructed of hardened plastic, this is a highly durable tackle box that operates with the classic 3-layer format which extends out to reveal all three compartments when fully opened. The top portion has smaller compartments that are ideal for sinkers, hooks, and bobbers while the middle section is more suitable for storing larger lures. The bottom section is large and capable of holding heavier items like pliers, fishing lines, and anything else that won’t easily fit into any of the upper trays.

This tackle box is made with stainless steel latches that are much more durable than the usual plastic latches used on many other models. The very top of the box offers two transparent plastic covers that are ideal for lures and other items that an angler would need quick and easy access to. This multi-purpose tackle box is made with quality in mind and would certainly outlast other, cheaper models.

12. Flambeau Kids Tackle Box

Flambeau Outdoors Kids Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $21
Size 13.75 x 8 x 7.5 inches
Color Blue-Gray, Red-Gray, Green-Black
Style Two Tray, 15 Compartments

This Flambeau Outdoors tackle box is small and is good for kids. Most tackle boxes that are made for kids are very poorly made and break after a few days. This tackle box is fairly well made and has the potential to last a long time. It is a hard-shell tackle box with two trays, a large inside storage area, and 6 removable dividers which can make up to 15 compartments in the trays.

There is also a storage area built within the lid that is a good place to store tackle that is used often or has already been used. This is also a popular utility box for indoor use such as arts and craft materials or a first aid kit. The small tackle box and is a way for people with limited tackle to stay organized. Also, some people like to have multiple small tackle boxes each with specific types of tackle. For example one tackle box for trout fishing and another tackle box for bass fishing. Also, some anglers have specific table box for weights or for baits that might leak and stink such as PowerBait, Gulp, or catfish baits.

13. SouthBend Wormgear Kids Tackle Box

SouthBend Wormgear Kids Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $16
Size 8.8 x 6 x 5.3 inches
Color Blue, Pink
Style Single-tray, tackle included

The South Bend Worm Gear tackle box is a great starter kit for any novice angler. The tackle box comes with 88 pieces of tackle including hooks, bobbers, sinkers, swivels, and more. The box is a simple, single-tray design that allows users to keep items easily sorted and organized. It is made of hard-shell durable plastic and able to withstand nearly anything an angler might encounter on their fishing trip. It has a very compact design that makes it very easy to travel with for the average fisherman or woman.

This is a great tackle box for anglers who are targeting one specific type of game fish and need to keep their lures properly organized but still easy to get to when needed. The South Bend Worm Gear tackle box is offered at an affordable price, which allows users to purchase multiple boxes and have individual tackle boxes stocked and ready for a specific fish species like trout, bass, or crappie.

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14. Ugly Stick Fishing Bag

Ugly Stick Fishing Bag

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Estimated Price $42
Size 9.65 x 11.4 x 7.7 inches
Color Gray-Black
Style Bag

Ugly Stik is world-famous for its outstanding fishing rods, but many anglers are beginning to take notice as to the quality of their fishing tackle boxes as well. The Ugly Stik Fishing Bag is an all-around excellent choice for anglers looking to get their hands on a tackle bag that is well-made and features everything a fisherman needs to have to be successful on the water.

This tackle bag is made with highly durable polyester material and offers a molded bottom to help the bag maintain its shape no matter what a user chooses to store inside. The bag is capable of holding four large tackle trays that are included. It also offers spacious front and side compartments to help anglers keep their gear items organized just the way they want. The Ugly Stik Tackle Bag offers a very comfortable padded shoulder strap that makes this one an ideal choice for trout fishing, or anglers who fish from the shoreline and regularly tote their tackle box along.

15. Plano Bag with Clear Tackle Boxes

Plano Bag with Clear Tackle Boxes

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Estimated Price $55
Size 12 x 7 x 6 inches
Color Black-Grey, Tan-Black
Style Bag

The Plano Weekend Series Tackle Case is an innovative product that offers many of the most popular styles of tackle boxes in the modern era all in one place. Plano designed this tackle box to function as a tool for serious anglers or just casual fishermen or women who want a quality tackle box without the hefty price tag of some premium models. This tackle box is made with high-quality material that won’t easily tear or break. It will provide ample padding and protection for the plastic tackle trays inside that are more likely to crack or break under pressure.

This Tackle Case offers multiple compartments that serve a variety of purposes. The side pockets are perfect for storing fishing line, or other large gear items that many anglers normally keep separated from lures and hooks. Each side compartment offers a mesh pocket where users can store items for quick access. The front is made with a water-resistant, zipper compartment that is ideal for storing bagged lures and baits. The main compartment offers two Plano 3600 Series tackle trays that can be customized to store any kind of lure or other tackle item needed.

16. KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag

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Estimated Price $62
Size 15 x 11 x 10.25 inches
Color Orange-Black
Style Carry Bag

KastKing has carved a path toward the top of the game when it comes to fishing gear and tackle and their Fishing Tackle Bag is a worthy addition for any serious angler. This is no ordinary tackle bag as it is capable of storing much more than other tackle bags of similar size. It is crafted from high-quality tear-resistant nylon material that is able to lock out moisture and wetness to keep tackle and gear items inside dry. It can be carried with a padded shoulder strap or velcro handles.

This tackle bag is ideal for users who prefer to carry a large amount of gear and tackle items along on their trip. The KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag is capable of holding seven 3600 series tackle trays inside the main compartment. It also offers spacious front and side pockets, as well as a large waterproof pocket on the top portion. The tackle bag is reasonably-priced and offers a great value compared to other, more expensive brands that offer the same basic features.

17. Flambeau Fishing Duffle Tackle Bag

Flambeau Fishing Duffle Tackle Bag

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Estimated Price $64
Size 16 x 10.75 x 8 inches
Color Red-Grey-Black
Style Carry Bag

The Flambeau Fishing Duffle Tackle Bag is known as the IKE 400, bearing the name of famous bass angler Mike Iaconelli. This tackle bag is moderately-priced and offers plenty of great features for serious anglers who require a quality product to hold all their gear. The IKE 400 is made to protect an angler’s valuable lures and gear as it is fitted with padded walls, lid, and base lining. Made with tough, water-resistant material, this tackle bag will protect gear while also standing up to anything nature throws at it on the water.

The interior portion is capable of holding four large tackle trays that are also included with the tackle bag. There are two large gear pockets on each side of the tackle bag that are ideal for stashing pliers, fishing line, or any other items that are too large to easily fit inside a tackle tray. Each included tackle tray is made with a special rust-resistant plastic material that helps prevent oxidation and corrosion that is all-too-common when it comes to storing expensive gear inside tackle trays.

18. Plano Zipperless Tackle Bag

Plano Zipperless Tackle Bag

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Estimated Price $75
Size 14 X 8 X 8.5 inches
Color Black-Blue
Style Zipperless Tackle Bag

One of the main drawbacks of owning a tackle bag as opposed to a tackle box is zippers that are all-too-often vulnerable to breaking or not working properly. Plano took initiative to create a tackle bag that circumvents this problem by functioning completely free of zippers. The Plano Z-Series Zipperless Tackle Bag offers everything you’ll normally find in a quality-made tackle bag without some of the major undesirable aspects such as faulty zippers and troublesome shoulder straps.

The Z-Series Zipperless Tackle Bag offers a backpack-style carrying option that’s perfect for trout anglers, or those who prowl the flats near coastal areas. Like all other Plano products, users can expect this tackle bag to be well-made of quality material. It includes five 3600 series tackle trays and is crafted from high-performance TPE-coated waterproof fabric to make sure your gear stays dry. Each side and front pocket is made with ultra-strong velcro that won’t lose its strength after a few outings. This tackle bag is a solid choice for seasoned anglers that features a distinct Kryptek Raid Camo look.

19. Bassdash Fishing Backpack

Bassdash Fishing Backpack

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Estimated Price $55-$100
Size 18.1 x 11.8 x 23.6 inches
Color Forest Green, Jungle Camo
Style Backpack

Before many companies began producing tackle bags, many anglers opted to use outdoor backpacks to stash utility tackle boxes inside and create their own tackle backpack. Since then, brands like Bassdash have produced high-quality tackle backpacks like this one that is ideal for anglers who need to cover a great deal of ground while fishing and need to have their hands free when they’re not fishing.

Made with premium polyester, this tackle backpack won’t easily allow water or moisture inside and is strong enough to resist tearing or breaking. It includes three large utility tackle trays and offers an abundance of pockets and other areas that are capable of storing a surprising amount of gear. This product is a bit more expensive than most of the other tackle bags and boxes on our list, but for the angler who prefers a tackle backpack, it’s a worthy investment that will last many years.

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20. Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag

Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag

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Estimated Price $120
Size 14 x 9 x 10.25 inches
Color Tan
Style Carry Bag

The Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag is made with ultratough 1680 Denierfabric that’s capable of withstanding nearly anything you’ll encounter on the water. This material won’t fade or stretch and will hold its shape for years while other tackle bags made from different materials will wear out. This tackle bag is designed for the dedicated angler who spends many hours each month on the water.

It features a Dropzone Magnetic top section that allows quick access to tools and other equipment. This particular tackle bag style comes in four different size options from Plano including 3500, 3600, 3700, and 3700xl. The 3500 model includes 5 stowaway tackle trays, as well as individual waterproof compartments for cell phones, wallet, and other valuables that must be kept dry. Priced just a bit higher than other tackle boxes of similar size, the Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag is a worthy addition to any fisherman’s toolkit.

21. Plano Premium Tackle Bag

Plano Premium Series Tackle Bag

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Estimated Price $58-$105
Size Varies depending on the model
Color Green
Style Bag, Hardtop

The Plano A-Series Premium Tackle Bag models offer a unique set of high-quality tackle storage options that should appeal to any experienced angler. The standard 3600 Tackle Bag is a simple design that features a simple, zipperless main compartment that offers two sealable side compartments. The Premium A-Series Backpack is made from the same high-quality material and offers four 3600 Series tackle boxes that fit securely into the bottom of the backpack. This model offers plenty of storage compartments and comfortable, padded shoulder straps.

The 3600 Tackle Bag features a much larger overall size and is able to hold four 3600 Series tackle boxes inside. The 3600 Quick Top Tackle Bag is very similar to the other model, but features a unique hard top design that is waterproof and helps to further protect your gear and tackle items. The Tackle Duffel is much larger than the other models and is capable of holding up to 14 utility tackle boxes.

22. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $140
Size 15.7 x 18.5 x 9.6 inches
Color Green-Black
Style Full-size, Rolling

Elkton Outdoors is well-known for producing high-quality outdoor gear products that often compare closely to other premium brands. The company sought to create an all-around solid tackle box when they designed their Rolling Tackle Box. This product is perfect for serious anglers who are looking for a tackle box that offers nearly everything an angler could think of in one, compact product.

The box is modeled after a rolling suitcase and is intended to be very easy to transport. This tackle box might just be the most easily transportable tackle box on the market in 2020 as it is capable of being carried like a backpack, rolled along the ground, or carried using a shoulder strap. This tackle box is fully waterproof and offers plenty of storage capacity for anglers to make use of with five removable 3600-style tackle trays and a large top section. This is one of the most versatile tackle boxes on our list and many anglers agree that it makes a strong case for being the best product of its kind in 2020.

23. Engel Dry Box with Rod Holders

Engel Dry Box with Rod Holders

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Estimated Price $90
Size 23.25 x 12.5 x 14.5 inches
Color White
Style: Cooler, Dry box

Some tackle boxes don’t necessarily have to serve as a storage location for a vast amount of lures and plastic baits. Sometimes, having a box that’s capable of holding live bait and other such items can be the best choice for catfish anglers and others who target fish that are primarily caught on live bait and other natural options.

The Engel Dry Box is an outstanding choice for kayak anglers as it is capable of holding everything from food and drinks to electronic batteries, emergency kits, camera gear, and many other items. It is fitted with two rod holders on either side of the cooler, which makes it even more suitable for kayak anglers. The Engel Dry Box is a watertight tackle box that can serve a variety of roles and is an excellent option for anglers in need of a dry box-style tackle box for their boat or kayak.

24. Water Proof Fly Fishing Fly Box

Water Proof Fly Fishing Fly Box

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Estimated Price $9-$13
Size Varies depending on the model
Color Clear-Blue-Grey
Style Compact case

Having a waterproof, compact case that can travel along with you across miles of rugged terrain is absolutely essential when it comes to a capable fly fishing tackle box or case. The Dr. Fish Fly Fishing Case series offers multiple double-sided tackle case models that are the best tackle boxes for fly fishing, or anglers who prefer to have a compact case for their smaller tackle items.

Made from reinforced ABS plastic, these Dr. Fish tackle cases are made to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them. The superlight material is crack resistant and completely waterproof. Anglers will appreciate that these cases open a full 180 degrees which allows you to easily access any one of the flies or other lures stored inside. It features high-density foam dividers to help ensure that your lures don’t get tangled and also stay protected while you are outdoors.

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25. Plano Dry Emergency Storage Marine Box

Plano Dry Emergency Storage Marine Box

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Estimated Price $21
Size 11 x 8 x 5 inches
Color Orange
Style Dry Box

Every boater needs to have an emergency box or compartment where they can store their most important safety tools and gear. The Plano Dry Emergency Storage Marine Box fits perfectly into that role, and can also function as a tackle box for users who are looking for a watertight, durable box. This tackle box is especially preferred by saltwater anglers as it goes the extra mile to keep water out and prevent saltwater corrosion on important gear items.

Made from hardened plastic, this tackle box is more durable than most others that are offered for the same price. A large, durable side latch helps keep the interior sealed and prevent any moisture from making its way into this tackle box. This box is a must-have for boaters and anglers alike.

26. Plano Orange Equipment Box

Plano Orange Equipment Box

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Estimated Price $28
Size 15 x 6.25 inches
Color Orange
Style Tool, Emergency box

The Plano Orange Equipment Box is an excellent choice for users who need to rely on a durable, safely-constructed box to store important items in their boat or camp. This tackle box helps keep water and corrosive moisture out while safely storing anything you need to keep inside. Many users opt to store flares, flashlights, batteries, and many other safety-related items inside these, but this box can serve as a formidable tackle box as well.

Much like the Plano Dry Emergency Storage Box, this tackle box is made with a blaze orange plastic color that makes it hard to lose, especially when you need to find safety equipment in a hurry. There is a top access compartment that’s perfect for storing smaller items or lures, and the box opens up to feature a large, open section where users can choose to store any combination of gear items.

27. Wise Outdoor Dry Tackle Box

Wise Outdoor Dry Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $20
Size 7.75 x 13 x 7.5 inches
Color Orange
Style Tool, Emergency box

The Wise Outdoor Dry Tackle Box is another great option for boaters who need to store safety or emergency items in a sealed, watertight compartment, or for anglers who want to use it as a functional tackle box. Made from extra-thick polymer, this box can withstand more pressure than your average plastic and is a better option for storing valuable items that you don’t want damaged when on the water.

The box opens to reveal three separate compartments that can be used for storing just about anything one chooses to place inside. One of the only downsides to this product is that these compartments are molded in and unable to be removed. The box is made with a strong reinforced steel pin latch system and can be used to store smaller tackle trays as well as emergency items.

28. Pelican Micro Case 1040

Pelican Micro Case

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Estimated Price $25
Size 6.5 x 3.87 x 1.75 inches
Color Black
Style Compact Dry case

There are a few boxes on our list that are truly unique, but the Pelican Micro Case is among the rarest in that it is a super-compact case that is capable of holding a few small tackle items or serving as a watertight phone case. Many anglers know all-too-well the risks of bringing a cellphone with them into the water or on a boat. Having a functional case that ensures your phone will not be damaged by water is highly important.

This case is not only waterproof but is constructed with hard plastic that is billed by Pelican as being “crushproof.” This case can also function as an ideal watertight mini tackle box for flies and other small lures for trout or panfish.

29. Plano Waterproof Stowaway Tackle Box

Plano Waterproof Stowaway Tackle Box

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Estimated Price $10-$40
Size 14 x 9 x 1.8 inches
Color Clear
Style Tackle Tray

Having a simple, watertight tackle box is one of the most important equipment items any angler can have on their equipment list. The Plano Waterproof Stowaway Tackle Box is a no-nonsense tackle box that is perfect for anglers looking for a sleek tackle box that is able to fit inside a backpack or be stowed away on a kayak or anywhere else.

This tackle box is modeled after Plano’s classic 3700 Series tackle trays but has some added features that make it extremely valuable to many users. The Dri-Loc O-ring seal works to prevent any moisture or water from entering the tackle box, even in the wettest conditions. The box also features three tight-seal latches that ensure this box won’t accidentally spill open and risk losing expensive lures and other items.

30. Bassdash Tacklebox Fishing Vest

Bassdash Strap Fishing Vest

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Estimated Price $40-$50
Size  M, L, XL, XXL
Color Brown, Grey, Army Green, Green Camo, Grey Camo, Blue
Style Vest

Many anglers would rather opt for the convenience of a tackle vest instead of a bag or box. The vest’s advantages speak for themselves and Bassdash’s Strap Fishing Vest is among the most well-made tackle vests on the market in 2020. It’s also available for an affordable price at less than $50 in most cases.

Crafted from high-density polyester material, this waterproof vest is perfectly capable of keeping your tackle protected and well-organized while you’re on the water. It’s especially ideal for fly fishing and prowling the flats around coastal areas. Featuring padded mesh shoulders and upper back, it offers 15 zippered pockets and 5 additional pockets to give you the ultimate level of customizability for your particular tackle items. These vest models are crafted to the highest standards are will last many years when taken care of.

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Information about Tackle Boxes

Types for Tackle Boxes

Hard Shell Carry Tacklebox 

Hard Shell tackle boxes are the more traditional style of tackle storage as these designs have served their purpose well over the last few decades. Plastic tackle boxes dominated the market more than 20 years ago because they are capable of keeping water out and provide just enough protection to valuable bait and tackle items inside each box. Many anglers still opt for a hard shell tackle box due to these reasons.

Soft Carry Tackle Bags 

Soft Carry Tackle Bags have exploded in popularity over the course of the last decade for many reasons. They are easier to handle and are much quieter than using a hard shell box that can make quite a bit of noise in a boat. Soft tackle carry bags are more portable and more lightweight than their hard-shell cousins.

Tackle Box Backpacks

Tackle Box Backpacks are an ideal choice for anglers who plan to cover a large amount of ground during their fishing trips, or for those who simply wish to enjoy the hands-free nature of having their fishing tackle and equipment in a convenient backpack-style option. Some of the premium fishing backpacks feature specialized compartments for storing different types of fishing tackle.

Fishing Vests 

Fishing vests are perfect for trout anglers and other fishing enthusiasts who often find themselves waist-deep in water while fishing. In these scenarios, it’s not practical to keep a tackle box on the bank as an angler would be forced to travel back and forth from their fishing spot to the bank for each individual tackle need. A fishing vest allows anglers to carry everything they need on their person in a comfortable, well-organized manner that offers a much more functional experience than any other type of tackle storage option.

Fly Fishing Tackle Boxes 

Fly fishing typically involves carrying everything an angler needs on their person across treacherous rivers and mountain streams. Many anglers opt for using backpacks or fishing vests while fly fishing because it allows them to keep everything they need in one location while also freeing-up their hands. Having a tackle box that’s dedicated to fly fishing will be much more accommodating to the smaller flies and other tiny lures that are common to catching trout and other game fish species on fly rods.

Waterproof Tackle Boxes 

Many types of fishing and other outdoor activities require waterproof clothing and equipment, especially tackle boxes. Waterproof tackle boxes generally cost more than other types of tackle storage options and the extra expense is considered well-worth the return for many anglers. Kayak fishing enthusiasts often opt for a waterproof tackle box as they are at a greater risk to get water or moisture into their tackle box. Many anglers only find out their need for a waterproof tackle box after the fact once their expensive and valuable lures have been ruined due to excessive water and moisture inside their box.

Tackle Box Compartments 

Most modern tackle box designs will feature compartments that are meant to hold every type of gear and tackle item an angler might possess. Most companies hire engineers to determine the best ways to provide certain compartments for each type of tackle item, and a more expensive tackle box will generally offer compartments that are better suited for each type of item you might have on the water. Some of the best tackle boxes feature waterproof compartments with specialized zipper options and other ways to seal their items inside without putting them at risk of getting wet or damaged.

Tackle Box Durability 

Tackle box durability should always be a concern for anglers looking to purchase a new tackle storage system. Like everything else you can purchase that’s related to fishing, a cheap tackle box can’t be relied upon to provide adequate protection and durability over the course of an extended period of time. It’s often smart to increase your budget and purchase a more durable fishing tackle box or bag if you plan to venture into rugged areas where you’ll want to make sure your gear stays protected and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should every tackle box have?

It’s not always true that no two tackle boxes are alike. The fact of the matter is, every tackle box should have compartments for storing large and small lures and equipment. While the number of storage options might differ, having a location for storing things like hooks, sinkers, and other small items is very important. It’s also crucial to have locations that are meant to store fishing line, pliers, and other large items.

How do I choose a tackle box?

It’s important to choose the tackle box that will best accomplish the goals you have for your fishing experience. Considering the type of fishing you’ll be doing and the areas you plan to visit while fishing should help you determine if you’ll need to have a tackle box, bag, fishing vest, or a tackle backpack. It’s often best to start with a budget and review some of the most popular options that are within that set amount. Be sure to look closely at the different brands that have established themselves as the best in the business because most of them have earned their good reputation throughout the years by offering solid products that get the job done.

What is a tackle box used for?

A tackle box is used for storing any gear and tackle items an angler might need during a fishing trip. Many anglers have their own personal choice of exactly what kind of gear they’ll need, so tackle boxes usually offer some level of customization for each user.

Are tackle boxes waterproof?

Most tackle boxes are not waterproof. It’s sometimes better to use a cooler or sealed dry box in wet conditions. Having a waterproof tackle box will give an angler the peace of mind that their valuable gear and tackle items won’t get wet very easily and, therefore, won’t succumb to rust or corrosion.

What is the best tackle box for kayaks?

Kayak fishing is a unique style of catching game fish that’s quickly becoming very popular across much of the world. Kayak anglers generally prefer to use tackle bags as they are almost always lighter in weight and will have little effect on their kayak’s overall capacity. Tackle bags are also much quieter than hard shell boxes and most kayak anglers can’t afford to risk banging a hard tackle box around their kayak when they’re close to the fish they want to catch. Kayak fishing enthusiasts often choose waterproof tackle bags as they are generally at a greater risk to get wet than anglers who fish from a full-size boat.

When should I wear a fishing vest rather than bring a tackle box?

There’s no denying that fishing vests are much more convenient than having a carry box or bag, but it ultimately makes the most sense to wear one of these when you plan to fish an area that will require you to be in the water for much of your trip. Fly fishing anglers often find themselves waist-deep in water and there’s no other place to keep a tackle storage system than on your own shoulders. If you plan to spend any considerable amount of time in the water while fishing or hiking, it’s often best to go with a fishing vest.

What is the best tackle box for fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a truly unique form of angling that utilizes small, lightweight flies that mimic what trout and other similar game fish are foraging on during certain times of the year. Using an average-sized tackle box for fly fishing equipment is generally overkill and might result in losing some of the flies you have. It’s often smart to use a compact tackle case that’s specially designed to hold flies and small rooster-tails or other fly fishing items.

When is a tackle backpack better than a tacklebox? 

For anglers who find themselves hiking long distances to get to the best fishing spots, using a tackle backpack is much more practical than a traditional tackle box or bag. Carrying a tackle box over long stretches just doesn’t make sense in the long run, especially if you plan to bring other gear items along with you.

What is the best tackle box for beginners?

Beginning anglers should opt for a small, quality tackle box instead of going with an expensive or even a cheap option. As you’re learning to fish and understanding which kinds of baits you need at different times of the year or for different species of fish, you will gain an understanding of the different types of tackle storage options you need. Purchasing a big, expensive tackle box right out of the gate will leave you with large amount of storage for tackle you don’t have yet. It’s best to work your way up to a bigger, premium model.

Can you keep bait in a tackle box?

It’s often not recommended to keep bait inside a tackle box unless you have it properly stored and secured in jars. Many anglers have found out the hard way that its not ideal to store bait inside their tackle box after leaving it inside overnight and discovering that they’ve ruined the interior of their tackle box, or at the very least, left it with an unpleasant smell that’s hard to get out. It’s often smart to store bait in a cooler instead of inside your tackle box.

What is the best tackle box for boats?

Having a boat means you’re able to go almost anywhere you want on any given waterway. If you’re lucky enough to have a boat to fish out of, you can usually opt to choose a large, premium tackle box or bag as you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with finding a space to store a large tackle box. Some boats have built in storage areas that are meant to hold utility boxes. It’s very important that you make sure your tackle box is in an area of your boat where it won’t easily get wet or damaged.

What is the best tackle box for catfishing?

Catfish are known to be ferocious fighters and can grow to very large sizes. For this reason, you’ll usually be using larger bait and tackle items when trying to catch catfish. Having a tackle box that’s properly-suited to store larger hooks, sinkers and other items is important for catfishing.

What is the best tackle box for traveling?

If you plan to travel, using a smaller tackle bag is generally your best option since it will fit more efficiently with the rest of your gear and won’t weigh you down any more than you need. Having a tackle bag that is capable of carrying a decent amount of the most important gear is key. You don’t want to get stuck lugging around a large tackle box, and having something too small might mean that you’ll have to leave some important lures or tackle items behind.

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