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5 Best Salmon Lures for Great Lakes & Fishing Techniques

This page focuses on how to catch salmon and steelhead in lakes while trolling from a boat. Great Lake trolling techniques do translate well to the ocean but for Pacific salmon also read the best lures for saltwater salmon fishing. It took a while, but my dad and I mastered fishing for king salmon, coho salmon, and steelhead

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fisherman with blackfin tuna caught with blue and white billy bait

The 6 Best Blackfin Tuna Lures and Fishing Tips

Fishing for blackfin tuna, skipjack tuna, false albacoe and bonito is done with similar techniques. These fish can be caught from Massachusetts to Brazil but are generally only north of the Carolina’s in late summer. This is a schooling fish that often feeds on fish, shrimp and squid. Blackfin tuna can be caught in Florida

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Captain Cody Catching a Tripletail

Best Tripletail Fishing Lures – How to Catch Tripletail

Once a tripletail are located they are an easy and fun fish to catch. Typically you can see the fish in the water and pitch the bait to them and watch the fish strike. A big tripletail will put up a good fight on spinning tackle. The difficult part of catching tripletail is finding them

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nice pre spawn sping crappie caught on mepps spinner

6 Best Crappie Lures and Fishing Tips

Crappie are common in lakes everywhere, often swim in schools and can be a very fun fish to target if the right tactics are utilized. In the summertime, crappie frequently surface feed in lakes during the early morning and starting about 1 hour before sunset. The crappies that are surface feeding can be of all

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cast net full of bait fish for fishing bait

The 10 Best Cast Nets in 2019 and How to Catch Bait Fish

Catching bait fish is essential to catching many types of sought after game fish in both salt and fresh water. Catching bait fish that predator fish are feeding on will greatly increase the chances for a productive day of fishing. Having the correct cast net for the type of bait being targeted is very important.

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Huge yelloweye rockfish caught in alaska

The 5 Best Rockfish Baits, Lures, Rigs, Jigs and Fishing Tips

Rockfish are caught in the Pacific ocean and are found in large numbers from southern California to northern Alaska. Personally, I have fished for rockfish in Alaska on bottom fishing trips when running charter boats. There are 130 different species of rockfish. In Alaska, they are lumped into two categories, pelagic and non-pelagic rockfish. Common

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hybrid striped bass that's near new jersey state record

The 5 Hybrid Striped Bass Lures and Fishing Tips

Hybrid striped bass is an awesome fish to catch and can be elusive at certain times of the year and bite in frenzies other times of the year. Typical size of hybrids bass is 2 to 5 pounds but catching 10 plus pound hybrids bass is not uncommon. This is a species that will rarely

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