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What information does this site collect?

We collect information that you submit on the site and information provided if you send us an email. Fishing reports content may or may not be indexed as public web pages that show up in search engines as public web pages. Typically content added can be seen by all visitors to the site and is publicly available.

By posting content to this site you grant Global Fishing Reports a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use this content. If requested by a user we will work to delete any content that a user no longer wishes to be on the site. This is not guaranteed and content may be index in search engines and difficult to fully delete from all sources such as from individuals or systems that have saved the content.

Does this site use cookies?

Yes, cookies are tiny text files that contain a unique ID tag. This tag resides on the user’s hard drive which allows various information to be stored and tracked.

Does our site give any information to outside parties?

We do not share your personal information with anyone unless required by law. This does not include websites that provide resources for the business, as long as that company agrees to keep this information confidential.

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Note: Privacy policy subject to change at any time and will be updated on the site accordingly.

Terms and Conditions of Use

In order to post fishing reports and use many features of the site, a user account needs to be created. Post and comments need to be appropriate. Global Fishing reports reserved the right to delete any account and content based on inappropriate use of the site. The site is meant to be helpful and informative. While it is sometimes good to disagree with people and give constructive criticism this needs to be done with good intentions and within reason.

Global Fishing Reports will work to save data on this site so that it can be used as a future resource. As improvements are made to the site and data structures change historical data may be discarded. It is unlikely but content on this site may be lost at any time and Global Fishing Reports does not take responsibility for any issue this may cause site users.


No part of this website is to be reproduced without the permission of GlobalFisingReports. Users are encouraged to share reports, posts and pages. and  Images are property of the copyright holders.

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