Best Trout Fly Fishing Lures

Fly fishing is much more technical than using a standard spinning reel and conventional tackle. In my experience, you can typically catch more fish using conventional tackle but once people get hooked on fly fishing they are hooked. The challenge and excitement of site fishing makes the reward of catching a fish that much better.

There is a lot to fly fishing and it is typically best to find a friend that will help get you started. If you are just getting into fly fishing it would be a good idea to read this book. It covers the basic information you need to know to start fly fishing.

Trout are more aware of their surroundings then most people realize.  Although anglers can often spot trot, fly fishing is about presenting a natural looking bait without having the trout aware that you are present.  When picking a fly the tippet size and fly should match the bait in the area you are fishing.

The best place to practice fly fishing is in water where fish are hungry and eager to bite. This will ensure you get enough strikes to practice both casting and retrieving fish. A good place would be in a farm pond. Bluegill and bass will both eat flies and are good fish to catch practice fly fishing techniques. Practice in an open area where you will be less likely to get staged while casting. Here we will discuss the top five flies and the best conditions to use each type of fly.

Here are the best flies for trout fishing.

Wooly Bugger Trout Fly

This is a versatile fly that can be fished under the surface or can be twitched like a wounded bait at the surface.

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Adams Dry Trout Fly

Dry flies are what most people think about when they think fly fishing. These look like flies and float on the surface of the water.  The best dry fly approach is to cast upstream and let the fly drift with no drag. Do not twitch the fly or it will likely spook the fish with the line movement.

Gink fly dressing should be applied to dry flies. If done properly this helps the fly float and lay flat in the water. Do not apply the dressing to the hook or the fly can lay crooked in the water.

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Pheasant Tail Fly

This is my friend Patrick Arena’s favorite fly. He frequently fishes the Bighorn River in Montana.

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Prince Nymph Fly

Nymph flies are normally rigged with two flies. The top fly can be large to attract and the bottom spaced out about 18 to 24 inches. The weight is rigged about 6 inches above the fly, just enough to get to the bottom but not hang up. You want to drift the fly naturally. Using three flies in one rig is illegal in some states.

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San Juan Worm Fly

These work good as a suspended nymph fly in high flow water above 2000 CFS. Different weight beads get the bait deeper in the water column.

Having and assortment of flies is a good idea.

Fly fishing rod and reel starter package. This reel comes spooled and also includes backing leader and flies. This is a really great value and cost-effective way to get into fly fishing.

Leader line- 5X leader line is the best for most 4 or 5 weight rods. 5X is delicate enough to dry fly. 4X and 3X is good for heavier faster runs while Nymphing or stripping a streamer.

Fluorocarbon Tippet 5X.

Fluorocarbon leader line the most expensive but is the best leader material because it is nearly invisibility to the fish and abrasion resistant.  Your fly line typically has a loop and you attached a looped leader by doing a loop to loop connection.  To attach the fly to the portion of the leader that has the tippet an improved clinch knot is the most popular.  As you change and retie flies the tippet material is shortened.  An overhand surgeons knot can be used to extend the existing leader tippet, without using a new full-length leader.  Leaders are typically 9 feet, once it gets to 7 or 8 feet you will need to add some more leader line.

Thanks for visiting Global Fishing Reports. I hope these suggestions help you catch more trout when fly fishing!

If you have any suggestions for top fly fishing baits and techniques, leave a comment below!

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